Thursday, May 23, 2013

Harebrained Ideas

Why is it that when I'm ridiculously busy that I get these creative sparks to do new and different things?

Like I have the time to implement them.

I have a folder on my computer dedicated to things to make later...and then a physical file of sketches and ideas that come to me throughout the day.

It feels a little like procrastination, but it really, really isn't.  I don't have the habit of putting things off.  I'm more of a doer, can't sit down for a second, and someone that loves adores checking things off lists.

But this one, this one, didn't hit my "make it later" pile.

A friend of mine, his profile picture on facebook, is a drawing caricature of himself.

Last week, I got the harebrained idea to make a wood carving out of it.  And, then, just stain the drawing outline in black, like ink!

Like I had the time.

But, I made the time.  I was so excited when it came off the machine, I was bouncing around the house.  We even had our friend come over this weekend to get it because I couldn't keep the secret.

His laugh, chuckle, and smile, when he saw it, made my day.

Big thanks to my hubby for re-drawing our friend's sketch in Illustrator for me, and making it possible.  Sometimes the harebrained ideas are the best ones.

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