Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Break is Over

As the temperatures cool off outside, and the kids head back to school, I am reminded that I need to get myself back in gear, ready for the holidays as they approach.
Okay, so the temperatures aren’t cooling off, unless you count the 4 degree difference between 108 degrees and 104 degrees.  Which, I do not.
But, summer is coming to a close, and my break is over.  Custom orders have already “forced” me into working more and now it’s time to get the blog back up and running.
New flooring will be installed this weekend, in the kitchen and the Rustic Carvings’ office, and painting of the kitchen commenced and finished last weekend.  Which meant….everything had to be moved.
And, things were pretty messy in the Rustic Carvings’ office.  This I am not proud of…  I blame summer, and the heat.  ;)
Yesterday, I took some time to re-organize and spiff things up a bit….
Ignore the floor and the lack of baseboards….that’s this weekend’s project.  :)

Look at that….boxes neatly organzied under the desk.  Paperwork filed away.  Things put in drawers and not cast about the office counter.
You can actually SEE the counter.  No, I’m not fond of the green.  We just live with it.  We have a counter.  We don’t complain.  ;)
All the tools I need….placed in upcycled jars with chalkboard labels, kept at the ready.
It’s almost like a dream!  And, once I find wherever we stashed the chair, I’ll have a place to sit, too!
In the lower left hand corner, you can see Pete sneaking into the picture…

Bubble wrap is at the ready, too!  Along with some other paper and bubble wrap stashed behind it….from things we’ve received in the mail, and ready to be re-used.
My Rustic Carvings plaque is there, along with my sales tax form.  An order sits, waiting to be mailed off once the customer’s custom order is complete.
I don’t know why the wall in the background looks kinda yellow.  I assure you, it isn’t.
And, lastly, the inventory awaits.  Neatly organized and just waiting for the “right” customer to come and claim it.

You aren’t allowed to see pictures of the garage (a.k.a. workshop) yet.  It’s a disaster area, I admit.  And, it’s on the docket for the September round of cleaning.
Let’s hope it cools off by then.  ♥