Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wood Grain Wednesday - Scars

I'm going to divert from my usual "hey this wood grain looks like something" post, because I recently sold this piece, that I made as an inspiration after my accident.

I find wood grain and knots so beautiful in their natural state.  I can see so many images in them, and sometimes wonder what happened to the tree to create this "scar" in it's core.

I didn't pick this piece of wood specifically because of this knot, but after putting the wording onto it, "My scars are badges of honor I carry through life, to show the world I lived", the knot all of a sudden reflected a scar to me, and the words I carved onto this piece came to life.

That's when I started to believe that scars can be beautiful, too.  Because if this piece of wood could be beautiful with a knot, then my scar lends character to my face, and makes it all the more beautiful, too.

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