Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Joy, Thankful, Home, Family, and Loved

Sometimes I buy wood signs from other people, and my husband just shakes his head at me.  Ya, I know.  But, when you work with signs all day long, the last thing you want to do is make one for yourself.

Except, see, I'm creating this wall collage in our master bedroom of family pictures, and I thought it'd be nice to break it all up with little signs with special words on them: joy, thankful, home, family, and loved.  I'm hoping it all ends up looking like a mural of sorts.  A collage of family.  At least something good and not haphazard.

When I was done working on some custom orders this week, I thought I'd sand some of these little signs I'd carved out for us on this gorgeous wood I've been dying to use for something.

Keep in mind, I only work while the baby naps.  

For whatever reason, I posted the first one to instagram.  You know, the social networking place of pictures?

Then, I followed suit with the others.  And, without even planning it, my comments matched up to the block I had just finished.  

Take a look:

It's fun when things work out this way, without really, any effort.  

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