Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spreading Good in the World

After this horrible accident I had, I’ve received a lot of love, kind words, and support. More than I ever thought I would.  It has all helped me to heal and recover.
One day, I received a special package from Twig and Leaf Botanical, more specifically, the shop’s owner, Kelly Beth.
I knew the box, because I had recently ordered some of her Utopia Lotion, which around this house has been termed “magic lotion” – curing dry and irritated skin, which hasn’t been rectified any other way.

I raved about the lotion to Kelly Beth, both in a personal message, and via feedback in Etsy.
Soon after that, the “wood attack” occurred.  I reached out to members of my EcoEtsy team.  Kelly Beth was one of the many emails I received, showing her love and compassion.
But, last week, I also received that care package from Kelly Beth.  It included a card, which on the outside had the quote, “A woman is like a teabag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”  She, humbly, shared her own personal story, her words bringing tears to my eyes.  Last week was difficult for me.  The original trauma had passed, and it was settling in that my face would never again be what it once was.  Although, I was happy the damage wasn’t much worse, there was still some loss, and inevitable change.
Kelly Beth’s words of encouragement gave me a spark of hope, which was very much needed.
After I read the card, I opened the rest of the contents of the box, and found a bottle of organic Vitamin E oil – the very thing the doctor suggested I use on the scar!  And, another bottle of “magic lotion”.
I know Kelly Beth is humble, just doing her thing, and watching as everyone else talks. But, I wanted to give her a pretty loud shout-out for spreading some love to Texas.  She’s made a difference in my heart.
And, that was, and still is, a pretty big thing.
Spread love and goodness into the world….  You never know who you are impacting, and when your words could make the difference in someone’s life.
Thank you, Kelly Beth, and your incredible heart.

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