Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poor Little Machine, Part III

While I was slaving away trying to get a project done for one of my customers, deadline deadline deadline, my husband took a part of the day to look at the carving machine to see what was wrong.  He called customer service.  I have no idea what he was doing, but the soldering iron came out, a bucket of parts, and tweezers.  Fixing, fixing, fixing…
Then he was back out in the garage, and I hear frustration in the affect of things being thrown, stomping, and words.  Oh, there were words.
I can’t really blame him.  I would be frustrated, too.  This machine can be incredibly frustrating when it isn’t cooperating, and you’ve done everything that you know to do to fix it.  And, still, it won’t GO.
So, I rub his back, because that always makes it better, right?  (rolls eyes)  And I say, “Why don’t you call the customer service line again?”
He does, and now a $350 part is coming our way, due the middle of the week.
Okay, for my little business, $350 is a lot of money.  I just started this venture 3 months ago!  It’s not like I make thousands every month!  I don’t even have the product to support those sales, yet.
But, if it needs to be fixed, let’s fix it.  So, the order goes through.  At least we get a $100 rebate.  But, still.
Wednesday comes and I’m following the UPS tracking number online.  It never updates past “In Transit – Mesquite”….which means it’s in the shipping facility in Mesquite, but not on a truck.
Now, that’s not 15 minutes from my house.  I flirted with the idea of just calling them and seeing if I can go get it.
See, I was nervous.  Three more custom projects had to get done by Christmas.  What if this part didn’t work?  What if we had to get another part, and that would take another three days?
Deep breath.
In the end, it is what it is.  So, waited, I did.
Sean came home from work on Wednesday, and he asked if the part came in.  Nope, not yet.  UPS usually delivers in the 5 o’clock hour, and our doorbell did not ring.
So, I finish cooking dinner and we’re about to sit down when the door bell rings.  It was almost like a Chirstmastime story, where we both stop what we’re doing, and look at each other in some sort of still moment, excitement in our eyes.  Then, we both raced to the door!
Yes!  The package was here!  The part was here!!!
After dinner, we went out in the garage to replace the part.  And, really, I’ll be honest, I’m just moral support.  I know nothing of replacing a machine’s brains.  Which, is basically what we were doing.
To which I said, “If the brain is different, do we have to re-name the machine?”
To which my husband repled, “I think so…”
Hmmm…  Thinking, thinking, thinking….  ”I can’t think of anything,” I said.
Machine was put upright, and now came the test.  I was nervous.  Sean was nervous. Raven was in the garage again, and she wasn’t nervous at all.  But, she was licking the garage floor, and I’ll say that there is nothing on the garage floor that’s worth eating.
Upon seeing Raven lick the floor, Pete started, too.  After receiving a warning, and the licking continued, they were both sent inside.
Pete turns into a squeeky wheel when he’s on the other side of a door from me.  Whine, whine, whine….  After saying, “Pete, you’re in a time out for licking the floor!” Sean said, “Okay.”
I was momentarily confused.
When I realized Sean had said that, and not Pete, I also realized Sean was ready to turn on the machine and get going.  So, before the power went on, I did the sign of the cross and we prayed.  ”Hey God, I know there is hunger and war and so many more important things in this world to be concerned with, but if You would just help us get this machine going….”
Yep….it worked!  Test run, complete!  Yay!  I put my hands in the air, and did a little dance, and clapped, and was overjoyed.
Sean just laughed at me.  I laughed, too, hugged him, and said, “You’re my hero!!”
We figured it was a good time to get some projects going, so I did.  I was back in business, and catching back up on all the custom orders.
It was a Christmas miracle, and I’m glad it happened a week before Christmas so I could get everything done on time.
The sound of a carving machine that has been quiet for a week is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.  And, to that my husband said, “Sparky is doing okay.”
I said, admiring the name, “Ooooo, Sparky!”
Sean replied, “I guess he just told me his name.”
And, the best part….
This blog stream is a trilogy!  Yay!!!!  I suppose, if taken day by day, this would be a four part series, but I was busy doing….I’m old and forgetful, so I don’t remember, but I know I was busy….
Busy, busy, busy….

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