Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poor Little Machine, Part II

The husband, who goes by the name of Sean, and I went out in the garage Thursday night, trying to figure out what is wrong with Carvey.  Yep, that’s right, I named the carving machine.  I now, also pet it.  Don’t judge me.  Poor little machine.
The top of the machine was taken off, we used the air compressor to blow a bunch of ga-ga (a.k.a. saw dust) out, and vacuumed.  It was almost like when the dentist is working on your teeth – the assistant holds that sucking tube that tries to suck up everything in your mouth, including your tongue, while the dentist drills away.  So, Sean is blowing all this dust out, and I’m trying to catch it with the shop vac.  Teamwork.
I look down and our little black lab mix, Raven, is just covered in saw dust.  I thought this was funny, but I guess I wasn’t doing my job very well.  I will say, though, that when you use an air compressor to get sawdust out of a machine, it goes e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Apparently, also on the dog.  It kinda looked like it snowed on her.
When I laughed with her (‘Cause I don’t laugh at her, that’d be mean), she just wagged her tail, all cute like. And, then I thought….”HEY!”, if I were a cartoon a light bulb would have lit above my head, “I have a vacuum in my hand”…
Raven did not appreciate it when I tried to vacuum her back.
She really didn’t appreciate it when Sean used the air compressor to try to blow the saw dust off of her.  She ran behind my legs….”Help me!  Help me!”  ….Completely forgetting that I was the one with the vacuum!
Traumatizing the dog is always fun.
Alas, our efforts were in vain, and Carvey tried really hard to work, but then gave out again.
I emailed some customers, told them of my problems….since some dates are fast approaching.  Turns out I’m the only one remotely freaking out about this.  It’s nice to have understanding customers.
Sean does more research on the computer.  A couple stat readings on the machine.  Some tinkering.
Still not working.  But, he knows the motor works.  So, that’s a good thing.
He has a theory.  I see the wheels turning in his head, and he’s out in the garage this very minute trying to figure the whole thing out for me so I can make my deadlines.
That’s love, folks.  Best husband ever.  And, he’ll be my hero when he fixes it.  That’s right….when.
I just hope “when” is “soon”, because all the best stories are told in a trilogy.  So, it’d be super cool if this little drama could wrap itself up in my next blog posting.  It’ll be the “Poor Little Machine” trilogy.
One day, we’ll make a movie out of it.  (I look away from the laptop screen in a dream like stance.)  Maybe in New Zealand….
Yeah, you’re right, probably not.

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