Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It’s raining. And cold. And, I’m rambling.

It’s 50.7 degrees outside, according to my WeatherBug desktop program.  According to my nose and toes, it’s freezing!  It’s also raining, and I want to curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of hot tea, and read.  Alas, there is work to be done.
Working out in the garage, err workshop, has been a dream the past month or so.  Nice 70-degree weather, breeze through my hair.  Okay, not my hair, because it’s usually tied back so I don’t accidentally chop it off with power tools, but there is a breeze none-the-less.
I made a trip to Home Depot today and discovered that they now make stain with polyurethane combined.  I thought this was cool.  And, then I thought, the things I think are cool sure have changed over the years…  I even said, “cool” aloud, and a couple HD guys ran over asking if they can help me.  No, I’m good.  Thanks.
The guys at Home Depot are always so willing to help me when my husband isn’t with me…  It’s so kind of them.
So….I get home, and I’m working in the garage, polyurethane-ing some items for a craft show I’m attending in the next couple weeks, and since it’s freaking cold, and raining, I have the overhead garage door shut, and the laundry room door open.  So, the dogs are roaming in and out of the house, to the garage, at their leisure.

Pete, yep, he’s pretty much at my side.  I’d say he’s an employee, but he sleeps on the job, and that’s not employee material for Rustic Carvings.  When I thanked him for helping, though, he wagged his tail.  He’s totally cool with taking the credit for napping.
He appears freaked out in the picture, but he really isn’t.
He had a towel draped over him earlier, when he was laying on the other side of the workstation.  Ya, the reason he’s spoiled, is pretty much my fault.
Raven, now, she has had abandonment issues of epic proportion since we’ve returned from the honeymoon.  Which, is surprising, because she’s always been a “love on her terms” type of gal.  Not very needy.  "I’ll come to YOU when I need a pat on the head, thank you very much.”  It’s getting better as the days go by, which we’re thankful for, because it’s super annoying when the 50 pound dog wants to sit in an office chair with you.
I think she’s taken the role of supervisor.  While I was working today, she’d wander in the garage every 10 minutes or so, check on me, on Pete, and then leave again.  I hope she doesn’t expect a big salary and benefits package.
The huskies, are, of course, nowhere to be found.  Probably holding down the sofa and area rug, as expected.
Until there is a crack of thunder, that is…….

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