Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello World!

So, one day I’m sitting in an office with my cushy job, great pay, great benefits…and then the very next day, I’m at home wondering what the heck I did.  I’m thinking, quit my job, cause I was crying every, single, Monday morning.  I suppose, by your 30′s, you should probably quit AFTER you find a new job, right?
Yeah, I didn’t do that.  In a flight of impulsiveness and trust and faith, I took the leap, hoping that somewhere, a net would appear and keep me from splattering all over the ground.  And, here I am.  Not sure I’m on the ground, safely, yet, but I’m enjoying the ride.
Some things I thought would work out, well, they didn’t.  Other things that I couldn’t have even imagined became a reality.
I’ve updated the “about” page on this website, and have added a storefront where you can buy all my stuff through Etsy.  I’ve had a lot of fun creating things again, and using a part of my brain that has been dormant for so many years now.  I’ve enjoyed spending time with my future husband, while we brainstorm ideas, or he teaches me how to use things like scroll saws.  And, I appreciate all the support of my great and wonderful family and friends. It doesn’t feel like work.  That’s the best part.
The blog?  Oh, well, it’s because I like to write.  And, hey, it’s pretty much free advertising. I think that’s what they call, win-win.
What will I write about?  Oh, who knows?  Everything?  My dogs.  The weather.  Trips. Love.  Life.  And everything else in between.
Life may not always follow the path I wish it would, but I’ve found that letting go, and letting God drive, takes me to better places than I can imagine.
So, yeah, “Hello world”….let’s do this.

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