Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pine Cones

Why is acorn one word, but pine cone isn't?  I mean, they're kinda the same.

If you've looked at my listings on Etsy, you'll notice these three pine cones in almost every single photograph.

They aren't some random pine cones I picked up one day.  They're actually near and dear to my heart.

A long, long time ago....  Okay, so not that long ago...  In my childhood tweenhood eh, two houses ago...there lived this gorgeous pine tree. 

My parents planted all the trees and plants on the property.  Some of the trees where in ill condition when transplanted, but my mother worked hard to bring them all back to a healthful life.

I don't think my parents knew how big this pine tree would get once it was set in the ground.  

We don't have too much snow in North Texas, but I have a picture of this tree, that I always look back on, and think is magnificent.

I think it's funny, and adorable, that the houses look like little smurf homes in the background.  The properties out here were all 1+ acres.

I've gone past our old house, and noticed the tree no longer there.  It was right about the time I was creating my shop, and going through the zillionth picture taking of all my items.  That's when I decided to add the pine cones to the listings.  

The pine cones give perspective to the size of the sign, and the tree gets to live on in my listings and memory. That's win, win, win.

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