Sunday, February 3, 2013

What's to come?

The blog has shifted from Wordpress to Blogspot.  But, you can still find me at  Easy Peasy.

I'd like to take the blog in a whole different direction, though.  Let's call a spade and spade, I haven't been posting about anything out, different direction?  Or, a direction?  


Let's talk wood types, huh?  How about power tools and how to use them?  Would you like to find out how I make all this stuff?

If you do, then stay tuned.  This is where it's headed.

All the personal posts from the last couple years have moved on over to Raising Some Noise.  You can keep up with us and the kiddo there, or dive back into cool posts about aliens from mars and funny stories about my dogs.

A little separation between personal and business is always a good thing.

Put on some clothes you don't care about, get covered in sawdust, and come join me!

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